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Car Safety View Back Seat Mirror Baby Car Mirror Children Facing Rear Ward Infant Care Square Safety Kids Monitor 17*17cm


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  • Description

    Notice:  Each mirror with screen protector, please tear of it, no scratch.


    1. Large adjustable baby safety mirror for easy positioning, Designed to help drivers see a baby that is in rearward facing car seat, Position on rear seat headrest and view via car’s rear view mirror, Avoids the driver having to turn around while driving,Easy to fit and remove when required.        
    2. Gives no obstruction to rear view visibility        
    3. Simple attachment to any backseat headres        
    4. Shatter-proof for added safety,Lightweight and durable        
    5. Keep an eye on your baby while driving        

    Mirror Diameter: 170mm        
    Material: ABS

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