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Unique Cartoon Baby Silicone Corner Protector Anti-collision Sharp Corner Table Furniture Corner Living Child Safety Protection

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  • Description

    Unique Cartoon Baby silicone corner protector anti-collision sharp corner Table Furniture Corner living Child safety protection


    1. Soft cartoon silicone: wrapped with a sharp right angle, the baby is easy to bump when it is a toddler, and the exposed sharp right angle is easy to cause injury.

    2. The package is sharp at right angles: the anti-collision protection is more intimate, suitable for home tables and chairs, coffee tables, TV cabinets, range hoods and other right angles. The protective measures need to be advanced.

    3. Three-sided strong adhesive: the strong adhesive force does not fall, and the large-area three sides are surrounded by the strong adhesive, and the adhesive force is strong and not easy to fall off, and the removal does not damage the surface of the furniture.

    4. Flexible silicone material: soft, highly elastic and anti-extrusion, the overall flexible silicone material, it can be quickly restored to the position by kneading at will, and the anti-collision protection is more secure



    Net weight: 8.2g

    Size: 3.8*3.8 (cm)

    Material: Silicone

    Package Included:

    1*Silicone corner protector


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