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Baby Knee Pad Kids Non-slip Crawling Cushion Infants Toddlers Protector Safety Kneepad Leg Warmer Girl Boy Accessories

R165.10 R183.46
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  • Description

    Line glue anti slip elbow protector

    Material: cotton (cotton yarn part, Fuchun) + spandex, do not worry about fading, environmentally friendly silicone

    Product size: 8CM *11CM, a pair of independent small bag, 20 pairs of the same color baby knee brace into a transparent bag

    Knee pads look small, the elasticity is relatively large, knee pads two socks mouth rubber ring is for the baby crawling process is not easy to fall off

    The growth and development of babies in the same age group are also different, and the baby with fat legs is recommended to remove the elastic ring loosely

    Protect the baby’s tender skin when crawling, and not afraid of cold legs when changing diapers to protect the tender calves from chafing when playing in the park

    To air-conditioned places: in and out of supermarkets and restaurants, air-conditioned buses and subways, warm legs when flying, sleep without worrying about the baby kicking the quilt and hands and feet cold

    This knee brace is very practical all year round, in addition to being worn on the legs, the arm is also suitable for simple and convenient wearing, suitable for all seasons

    The inner wool circle is thickened, and the glue is non-slip, which can protect the baby’s knees from being worn when the baby likes to crawl in summer.













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