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White Noise Machine Sleep Colorful light music sleep aid Therapy Sound Machine bedside toy for Baby Night Light/Volume Control

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  • Description


    A Description:

    1. Baby comfort sleep device. The best sleeping toys for newborns

    2. Sleep music, natural white noise, animal white noise, 8 songs in each of the three modes

    3. Adjustable lighting. Automatic mode, red, green, blue

    4. Matte texture, smooth chamfering. The control of inspiration and details stems from years of precipitation, presenting the baby with heart.

    A Specifications:

    product information

    Name: appease projection lamp

    Applicable age: 0~3 years old

    Material: plastic and electronic components

    Weight: 280g

    Battery (product does not include batteries): host 3*AA; remote control 2*AAA

    A Package Included:

    1*Soothing projection lamp

    B Description:

    1. The product has a total of 5 buttons, a switch button (including play / pause function), a timer button, a light button, a previous song (including sound minus function), and a next song (including sound plus function) .

    2. A total of 9 music for sleep aids (white noise, waves, crickets, rain, birds, water flow, lullaby, 1 lullaby, 2 lullaby, 3)

    3. The light button can work independently, and it can work without turning on.

    4. Press and hold for 0.5 seconds to open the key, and short press for playback pause. After turning on the phone, a piece of music will be played and the music will be looped all the time. Press up and down to switch, press and hold to increase or decrease the volume. After booting, it will play with memory, which music also has memory. The next time it is turned on, it will automatically play the music from the previous shutdown.

    5. Press the light button, divided into 6 cycles, from 10 minutes to 0 for a cycle, countdown starts at 10 minutes, the breathing rhythm gradually slows down at 10 minutes. The light is bright for inhalation, the light is weakly exhaled, and the breath is guided. This function is automatically turned off for 1 hour at a time. If the timer function is not turned on, if the timer function is turned on, it will be timed.

    6. Timing is divided into 15 minutes (bright red LED), 30 minutes (bright green LED), 60 minutes (bright blue LED), short press to switch, and the timer is turned off under the fourth time. Indicate with LED lights respectively.

    Note: This model can’t be powered by batteries.

    B Specifications:

    Product name: Colorful light sleep aid

    Material: ABS + PLA + electronic

    Product size: 91 * 91 * 135mm

    Product packaging: 160 * 110 * 105mm

    Style: white

    Input voltage: DC5V = 0.8A

    Working voltage: 4.2V

    Charging current: 1A

    Battery capacity: 1200mAh

    Use power: 1w

    Use time: 20 hours

    Charging time: 2.5-3 hours

    Quality inspection: qualified products

    B Package Included:

    1 * colorful light sleep aid, 1 * remote control, 1 * micro charging cable, 1 * manual

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