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Fruits Shape Baby Chewing Teether Toys Safe BPA Free Silicone Teething Chew Dental Care Strengthening Tooth Training for Infant

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    Essential details
    Age Range:0 to 24 Months, 2 to 4 Years
    Style:Soft Toy
    Product name:Baby Teething Toys
    Function:Develop Creativity
    Feature:Eco-friendly Material
    Shape:Fruit or animals

    Product Name: Fruit Stereo Teether

    Color: Apple Orange Strawberry Strawberry Grape Peach.

    Material: food grade silicone

    The first stage: budding period When the teeth are not officially grown, the baby will feel uncomfortable in the gums. Stage 1 of the gelatin can be placed in the refrigerator, and the cold touch can alleviate the swelling and pain of the baby before the teeth.

    The second stage: When 6 months old, most of the babies are 6 months old, and a pair of mid-toothed incisors begin to grow. At this time, use frozen gutta-percha, massage the tender teeth to soothe the teeth, soothe discomfort; hard teeth Glue will massage the flesh, and the uneven surface of the tooth gel will also stimulate the baby’s brain development.

    The third stage: When the baby grows up and down four teeth, when the baby grows 4 incisors and 4 canines (canine teeth), it is recommended to use a nipple shape similar in shape to the pacifier, lighter weight and easy to grasp. The glue, soft and hard layer not only massages the new teeth around the teeth, but also makes the baby feel the crunch.

    The fourth stage: 1-2 years old 1-2 years old is the period of long milk molars. The solid tooth gutta-percha can be used to reach the large tooth range. The baffle prevents the throat from coming into contact, and the soft and hard mixed texture layer can reduce the large teeth. The pain of the teeth is helpful to enhance the development of teeth and exercise chewing ability.



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