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4pcs Outlet Cover Baby Safety High Quality Anti-dust Outlet Cover Children Electric Shock Safety Protection Cover For Kids Baby

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  • Description

    Outlet Cover Baby Safety High Quality Anti-dust For Children Anti-shock Socket Protective Cover For Kids For Baby


    Product name: electric shock protection cover

    Material: ABS

    Specification: three-plug protective cover; Two-plug protective cover

    Color: pink/green/white

    Use: home two-hole, three-hole socket, plug board and other anti-electric shock, anti-oil smoke, anti-dust, anti-moisture

    Secondary plug size: 30 * 20 * 24mm

    Three-plug size: 30 * 20 * 24mm

    Net weight: 2g/3g

    Color: Accept customization

    Single item packaging: bagged


    Various colors are available. Security against electric shock, widely adaptable, matching the jack of most standard sockets, available in multiple scenarios. Environmentally friendly ABS material. Multi-protection, invisible snap, easy for adults to open, but difficult for babies to open. Tight and firm, highly fit, not easy to fall off. For use in the kitchen, it can prevent oil smoke, water vapor and dust, and avoid socket failure, damage and poor contact.

    Package Included:






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