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3pcs White Kids Safety Cabinet Lock Baby Proof Security Protector Drawer Door Cabinet Lock Plastic Door Lock

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  • Description

    【 Product Name 】 Child Safety Protection Lock
    [Specification] Full length of safety lock: about 20cm; The middle webbing is about 10cm long (the webbing can be cut and sewn in DIY length)
    【 Material 】 ABS+PP webbing
    This product can be used for multi-purpose locks such as refrigerators, cabinet doors and drawers, toilets, etc. to prevent babies from accidentally eating or messing up the contents after opening, in order to avoid accidents. It is connected with cloth straps, suitable for any corner, and will not scratch furniture during use. The design is lively and cute, which does not hinder the overall aesthetics of the furniture

    Instructions for use:
    Before use, wipe off any dust/oil/moisture from the adhesive area to keep the surface clean
    Peel off the isolation paper from the adhesive tape and apply force to the adhesive area
    After applying 3, the adhesive tape will solidify and stick firmly after 24 hours (Please do not attempt to pull the tape when it is first applied, as this will affect its adhesion)
    4. Do not touch the adhesive surface with your hands






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