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2021 Infant Sleep Instrument Smart White Noise Machine Sleep Pacify Music Sleep Aids Instrument Baby Sleeping Monitors Effective

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  • Description


    product description

    Voice control

    ·Six natural ecological sound sources

    ·Fetal imitation

    ·White noise reduction

    ·Healthy materials

    ·Not rounded

    · Knob to select sound and volume

    product features

     Built-in 6 soothing sounds

    Lullaby, boos, fetal heart sounds, rain sounds, white noise, sea waves.

    Voice control function

    In the standby state, the soothing sound is triggered by voice control.

    Power switch knob

    Control power on/off sound volume adjustment.

    Six-speed rotary switch

    The six gears correspond to six soothing sounds respectively, and different gears are selected to play the corresponding sounds.

    Charging function

    Lithium battery charging: When the power adapter is connected, the internal lithium battery can be charged, and the red light is on during charging, and the green light is on after charging; the charging time is about 3 hours (when the product is not working)


    1. Model: SP1802

    2. Horn: diameter 4CM, 8Ω3W, iron shell

    3. DC 5V, 1A input, data line length 1.2m

    4. Material: ABS plastic

    5. Lithium battery: 3.7V/1800Ah


    7. Net weight of product: 132g

    Package Included:

    1*soope sleep instrument, 1*USB cable


    usage notice

    Please pay attention to the reasonable way of operation. When the sound source knob of the sleep aid is selected to the last sound source on both sides, the potentiometer of the product is close to the critical point, please do not force it to rotate. When the rotation force is greater than 2KG, the switch will be separated from the positioning point and the product will have no sound;

    Please do not disassemble or repair the product by yourself to avoid product damage;

    Please stay away from water sources to avoid damage caused by water ingress;

    Please stay away from high temperature and supply;

    Please do not use corrosive detergent for cleaning;

    Please use a soft damp cloth to wipe the surface;

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