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10pcs White Kids Safety Cabinet Lock Baby Proof Security Protector Drawer Door Cabinet Lock Plastic Door Lock

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    Product Information


    1. Multi-functional: This child safety lock can be used on various types of drawers, cabinets, refrigerator doors, and other common household items, making it very practical.

    2. Safe and reliable: Made of high-quality materials, this product has undergone strict testing and certification to ensure its safety and reliability.

    3. Easy to use: Convenient to use, easy to install, and does not require tools or drilling. Just fix it onto the desired household item.

    4. Prevent accidents: This product can effectively prevent children from accidentally opening drawers, cabinets, refrigerator doors, etc., preventing them from coming into contact with dangerous items and ensuring household safety.

    5. Traceless installation: It uses reusable Velcro locks that will not damage or leave marks on household items.

    6. Beautiful appearance: This child safety lock adopts a minimalist design that is aesthetically pleasing and does not affect the overall style of home decor.


    Product size:                         Total length 195mm, band length 100mm

    Main material:                       ABS

    Product packaging:              10 pcs/packs

    Other parameters:                With 3M non -dry glue

    Color Category:                    White

    Uses:                                  Suitable for multiple angles

    Package included

    10x safety lock


    When using the child safety lock, please ensure that the surface of the household items, such as doors and drawers, is dry and clean to ensure that the product can be firmly attached.

    If the child safety lock becomes loose or has other problems during use, please stop using it immediately .

    Do not use the child safety lock for non-designated purposes, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the user.

    The child safety lock is only an auxiliary safety product and cannot replace adult supervision. It should always be used under the supervision of an adult.

    When the child safety lock is no longer needed, please remove it properly and store it carefully.

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